Attract new Clients to your Biz

without feeling sleazy or having to chase anyone!

No more wondering where those dreamy clients are - they will be in your schedule!

The equation seems simple:

You have gifts to help others + others need help = rocking it in your full time biz right?

So why aren’t your clients knocking down your door?

As a creative, heart-centered, driven entrepreneur you want to change lives with your work. You want to see your clients transform their lives!

But they need to hear about you first for that to happen.

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of marketing activities, throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, and before you know it your cash is dwindling along with your confidence.

It hurts when you know you can help, but can’t seem to get to the people who need you.

Remember that how full your client roster is NOT a reflection of the quality of your skills.

It is a reflection of the quality of your communication about your work, and how visible it is to the right people.

Fix that and you'll fix your equation.

So take the next step.

Use this checklist to assess your communication so you can stop throwing spaghetti at the wall:

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How to Attract New Clients to your Biz without feeling sleazy or having to chase anyone!

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